– Visit the site and follow link to Recruiters in main Nav.

– Enter email address and password. If you previously had multiple accounts this will now be a single login per company. If you are unsure which that is please contact us.

Add a job

– From the recruiter dashboard click Add a Job.

– Fill in fields with details about the job.

– When you are are happy with the content click Add.

Manage Jobs

– At the top of the page you can click the link to switch between your published and unpublished jobs.

– Use the filters or search at the top of the page to find and order jobs, and to select how many to display.

– You can view applications for each job, and edit them individually from the links next to each result.

– You can also select several jobs, or use the Tick All link at the bottom of the page to perform bulk actions. With multiple jobs selected you can delete, unpublish, renew or repost in one go using the links at the bottom of the page.

Manage Applications

– For each job in the Manage Jobs section (see above) you will see a link to Applications.

– From here you can view the candidate’s CV, or choose to send the candidate an automatically generated rejection letter.

CV Search

– From the recruiter dashboard click CV Search.

– You can enter a keyword and/ or location, or click Show more options to use more detailed terms.

– The following operators can be used in the keyword field:

You can combine keywords using AND and OR operators (must be uppercase), for example:

marketing AND sales

marketing OR sales

Use quotes “” to search for an exact phrase, for example:

“project manager”

Use parentheses () to join more complicated searches, for example:

“sales director” AND (London OR Manchester)

– From the results page you can continue to refine your search using the filters on the left.

CV By Email Setup

– From the recruiter dashboard click CV tools.

– Under the CVs By Email heading you will see any current alerts listed. To add a new alert click on the Add alert button.

– Enter the information about the type of CVs you would like to receive, the name of the alerts, and where it should be sent to.

– You will receive email alerts in the morning if new candidates have registered who match your criteria.