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What career paths can I take as an engineer?

Engineer - this term is a bit vague isn’t it? Whether your aspirations are to become an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer or a civil engineer, it’s wise to choose your career path early on. That way, you can lay out a path towards your dream job. So what...

What should I include in my graduate engineering CV?

As you finish university and start looking for the job that you have been working towards for the last few years, one of the first realisations you will have is that you are entering a very competitive job market. Engineer jobs generally receive a large number of...

How to write an engineer cover letter

A cover letter accompanies your CV when you apply for a job. The letter is designed to act as a short introduction to you and your expertise. It should be your pitch to encourage an employer to consider your CV. But just how essential is it to your application? As...

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What are you looking for?

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